If you need immediate help or advice

Emergency / Police 24HR call 000. For crisis support contact Safe Steps 24HR call 1800 015 188.

Get tested if you've got symptoms

Fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat? To find out where to get tested got to vic.gov.au/CORONAVIRUS

You can leave your 10km area to get help

You can leave your 10km zone anytime to escape family violence and seek help and you won't be fined

Outreach in the wider community

We provide support services to assist women and children in their own accommodation in the community

Recovery and educational programs

We provide programs that help clients make informed choices and strategies for a safer future

Information in other languages

Find under SEEK HELP section. Persian, Arabic, Dinka, Dari, Vietnamese, Hindi and more


Will purchase a pair of WARM PYJAMAS for a child when they arrive at late at night at the refuge


Will purchase a CHILDREN'S TOILETRY PACK filled with kids toothbrush, wipes, comb, brush, soap and more


Will purchase a CLEANING PACK for clients when they move into stable accommodation


Will purchase a LINEN PACK to provide fresh sheets, doona, pillow and towel when they first arrive at the refuge


Will purchase a  KITCHEN PACK  that includes cutlery, kettle and toaster when our clients move into more stable accommodation and need to set up a home from scratch


Will purchase a HOME PACK that includes like a vacummn cleaner, microwave and ironing board when our clients move into more stable accommodation


Will enable us to continue our COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMS like our new Financial Wellbeing Group


Will allow us to create the best possible environment at the NEW REFUGE that will improve the long term outcomes of our clients

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Help kids stay connected with friends and to study

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